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Polyurethane crack injection
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Gold Coast Crack injection
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What is crack injection ?

Concrete crack injection refers to the term used to repair concrete by injecting a liquid solutions into concrete using high pressure. Once the solutions are injected, they set which helps the concrete to re bind or in some cases plug leaks.

GC Remedial carries out Gold Coast crack injection  services throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Crack injection is an important part of our remedial arsenal. It has some great advantages when it comes to the repair of concrete.

The two of the most common types of crack injection are Epoxy injection and Polyurethane injection. Both have their advantages, It’s important to note that we assess every job on it’s own merits. We have excellent success with all of our crack injection services.

Epoxy crack injection is used mainly to fuse degraded concrete back together, almost like a glue. We use it more on surface cracks which are created from movement or shrinkage. The technology has been around for decades and during that time, epoxy  injection has proven itself to be  a cost effective alternative for repair and rectification of concrete. Epoxy injection has problems adhering to damp concrete.

Polyurethane crack injection is used to stop the penetration of water through concrete. Polyurethane injection works by injecting a polyurethane liquid into the desired area, once it comes into contact with water it expands potentially up to 60 times it’s original volume, which pushes all of the moisture out plugging the leak. PU injection is an extremely affordable way of stopping concrete from leaking. Gold Coast Remedial uses polyurethane injection for various applications. such as concrete water tanks, swimming pools, carparks, balconies, podium slabs, apartment sand pretty much any concrete structure that is leaking. 

As a rule of thumb polyurethane crack injection is used when re membraning is not an option. It is not a substitute for a waterproofing membrane. 

Example of when a polyurethane injection can be used.

Say you have a concrete deck above your apartment, and its leaking through to your dining area. the concrete deck above has been tiled, in order to stop the leak you have 2 solutions.

Solution 1 Remove all of the tiles, beds and coatings and re coat and re tile which would normally cost around $300m2 give or take and there was 30m2. That =  roughly $9000 + GST

Solution 2 Polyurethane crack injection may cost you anywhere from $400 – $2000 + GST

Conclusion The waterproofing membrane would always be a much better quality result. But the difference in cost can sometimes  make it worth trying the PU crack injection, and most of the time the polyurethane crack injection has great results and that’s why it is so popular.